Our Mission.

Here at JA Surrogacy we exist in an environment of trust, respect and compassion. We have created a village, a community, a family; our clients are not just a number to us. Our mission is to provide individualized support to each surrogate and intended parent who joins our village.


Becoming a surrogate or intended parent is one of the most exciting but overwhelming decisions you will make in your life. We offer hands on support coming from women who are experienced surrogates themselves, even our CEO and founder is a 3 time surrogate.

We will walk beside you and ensure your journey is the best possible experience for you and your family. You are not alone.

We encourage the village mentality by introducing you to others we are supporting. We believe that creating this circle of support is essential to the process and will only help you feel even more informed and empowered. 

We take it very seriously that you have chosen us to support you, and we will strive to give you the best experience possible.