Working with Jennifer for our surrogacy proved to be the most rewarding and easiest decision for us. Her knowledge and resourcefulness made the process more brief and simplified than we could have ever imagined. Our lives have been forever changed and words cannot express our gratitude.
— Krystal, Intended Parent

I was introduced to JA surrogacy through a woman who posted about her amazing surrogacy experience in a “Healthy Moms Toronto” Facebook group. I had never considered becoming a surrogate, but naturally filled all of the criteria. Somehow, it felt right, but I needed more information about how this would work for my family of 5, my full-time job, and overall busy life!

From the time we connected, Jennifer has provided efficient, honest, and detailed information. It took me some time to commit to the process, which Jennifer appreciated and respected. Within two weeks of deciding to become a surrogate, I met the IPs that I am now matched with. Without hesitation, Jennifer respected my decision to not match with the first set of IPs that I’d received information about, which meant a lot. I have never felt alone in this process and know that she or Nici are there for any questions, concerns, or feelings that arise. I met my IPs on May 7th, and plan to transfer in August - how’s that for efficiency? My IPs and I have begun building what is sure to be a unique and lasting relationship. It has been amazing to get to know these two future parents.

What I think is most significant is that Jennifer herself has been a surrogate three times. Because of this, she can genuinely advocate for mutual respect and fairness between the surrogates and IPs throughout the process. Surrogacy is not an easy thing to navigate, but Jennifer’s knowledge and expertise have been crucial to my process as a new surrogate. I would not hesitate to recommend her as she is the reason that there is a solid plan in place for this ‘adventure’.
— T, Surrogate Mother

Jennifer and her team provide a level of commitment to surrogacy that is very special. JA Surrogacy Consulting is prepared to closely guide both intended parents and surrogates as they co-navigate their journey of creating healthy babies and building families safely. I have worked in the field for over 15 years, and I am always impressed with the dedication and professionalism that Jennifer offers all my staff, my patients, and their surrogates.
— Anonymous Reproductive Endocrinologist

My husband and I started the project of our lives more than two years ago, becoming fathers. Almost 20 months after beginning our journey, we were left feeling disappointed and hopeless. Thanks to another parent where we are located, we were put in contact with Jennifer. The first contact had gone smoothly, but we were suspicious. Surrogacy is certainly a business for many but thankfully for the JA Surrogacy village, it is more than just that. We talk about love, about the strong desire to be parents; we found with Jennifer this human approach. She listened to us and showed real empathy. She is efficient, dedicated, hands-on, and she follows up regularly and proactively always with a flawless execution. After all that we’d gone through, we had finally found someone who understood and respected us and our surrogate.

Thanks to Jennifer we met J, our surrogate. Jennifer understood us so well, she didn’t simply introduce us to a surrogate that was just a number to her, but to one who would also become a dear friend within our family. Jennifer has always been proactive, we are never left for weeks without any news or updates. We have never been forced to beg for information on what our next step will be.

We want JA Surrogacy to keep its closeness with IP’s. We are very happy to be matched with the best agency possible and are thankful to JA for bringing our dear surrogate J into our lives. For all these reasons we deeply thank and recommend the JA’ agency.
— Stéphane and Frédéric, Intended Parents

I am currently blessed to be working with Jennifer during my surrogacy journey. I first approached Jennifer with a slight interest in the process and was blown away with the time she took to answer all of my questions (more than once I may add). Jennifer never pushed me in any direction, she simply shared how the process works, and I fell in love with the idea of becoming a surrogate.

Since choosing to become a surrogate, Jennifer has been there every step of the way. Paperwork, late night phone calls with more questions, fears, and finally matching me with a family. Jennifer has never left me in the dark and continues to stay in contact with me. For anyone who is thinking about being a surrogate, JA Surrogacy Consulting should be the first stop. The amount of support and information provided has been outstanding. I am so glad I’ve decided to work with Jennifer throughout the rest of my journey.
— Briana, Surrogate Mother

We are a professional service provider to a large number of surrogacy agencies. This inside view offers not only a broad comparative but also a unique and revealing perspective. At its best, this field is not just about making babies, it is about making families. The “good ones” in this business aren’t in it just because it puts food on the table, we do it because it fills our hearts. Jennifer’s approach is that of a personalized and compassionate guide, while at the same time offering the vital information, and support this journey requires. Only the magic of a child can turn an individual or couple into a family. When other means fail, collaborative reproduction is a life changing experience for both surrogates and intended parents. The importance of the subject demands a careful choice of agencies. Our experience would suggest that JA Surrogacy is deserving of that choice.
— Human Infertility and Reproductive Clinical Psychologist

After almost 8 years of IVF, of hope, of failures and many miscarriages, we knew that our last hope was surrogacy. At first, our journey with surrogacy was a nightmare. We had lost all hope, then we met Jennifer from JA Surrogacy.

Soon after our first contact with Jennifer, she introduced us to an amazing and touching young lady. We immediately felt a connection with her. We could feel that she had been very well informed through JA Surrogacy about all the steps in the surrogacy process. She was fully committed to the adventure and we felt relieved and confident. Our journey had never moved forward so quickly or easily. Finally, the journey we dreamed of had begun!

Our surrogate accompanies us in all the steps of our journey, with all the stakeholders of the process. She gives us an update almost every 2 days! Moreover, we can feel the relationship of trust and respect we have built with our lovely surrogate. What a relief to have someone like Jennifer and her surrogacy agency. We are able to contact Jennifer or her coworkers at any time for any question. They always answer very quickly and efficiently. Jennifer and her team are always available for us, and give the same attention to all their surrogates and intended parents.

Today, we feel over the moon as our surrogate is in the second trimester of a healthy pregnancy. The relationship we’ve built with her is only getting stronger and stronger, day by day, because she is attentive to sharing with us all the details of “our” pregnancy. Our surrogate and Jennifer are our friends today, but more importantly, they will be a part of the family we are about to create.

There are no words strong enough to show them our gratitude and now the best is yet to come!
— D and A, Intended Parents

JA Surrogacy has been such an incredible experience for me so far. I came into this journey only hoping to bless a couple with a child, and in addition, was invited into a village. I was connected with many other women with the same heart as mine and was matched with an amazing couple, we quickly became dear friends. It was so clear that we were not just numbers and that we were carefully chosen for each other. I am so grateful for that.

I feel supported in every way and I always have someone to turn to, no matter what I need, which seems very uncommon for surrogates with other agencies. The heart of JA Surrogacy is not just about growing families. It is about creating a village. We have each other’s backs, and we know that our agency has ours.
— Jessica, Surrogate Mother

Jennifer is an incredible person. For years, she has dedicated her working life to helping those in need as they seek to better their own lives from the hardships they’ve faced. She took that work a step further when she made the choice to surrogate for us.

As a gay couple, of course we could not have kids, and adoption was all but closed to us. Surrogacy was our greatest hope for fulfilling the dream of raising children and building our family. Upon writing our own profile and reading Jennifer’s, we knew we had found our perfect match. We were of the same mind about the journey of surrogacy and felt so at peace with the choice of Jennifer as our surrogate.

Today, we are the happy fathers of baby Arthur and are expecting another baby boy, with Jennifer carrying again. Jennifer has guided us on the path of our journey with her knowledge, passion and integrity, all the while carrying babies herself for us. From matching, all the way to the birth of our baby, she has been so helpful and reassuring as she supported us in a calm and joyous journey. She has often been asked for and advises to different surrogates as they travel their journey and we absolutely encourage anyone looking to work with Jennifer to do so. You will be so grateful you did, we know we are.
— Hubert and Alain, Intended Parents

I have recently come across JA Surrogacy Consulting and have decided to pursue a journey that I always imagined myself doing one day, that is to become a surrogate. I’ve never known where to start or how to get going, thankfully I met Jennifer and her team. I’m so blessed to have come across this wonderful agency. The way they care for their intended parents and their surrogates is not what I expected. They go above and beyond to ensure everyone is taken care of and has the tools they need. They go through every step with you and provide the most amazing support. They are in this for no other reason except to create families because they believe that all people deserve their own little family. If you want compassion and support, JA will make sure you have it!
— Amanda, Surrogate Mother

I started my surrogacy journey, as an intended mother, almost 18 months ago. Because I had experienced a long journey of IVF, the medical side of the process did not scare me, but I was completely lost with everything else. I had always thought that if one day, I opted for surrogacy, the role of an agency would be to help and accompany me through the process. Unfortunately, this was not the case with many and instead of being helped I found myself left out. At this point, I really thought about giving up. I was emotionally tired and I did not see any hope of building a family. At this moment someone told me about JA Surrogacy Consulting.

After talking to some IPs who were already with JA, I decided to have a call with Jennifer. Finally, I discovered someone attentive, motivated, dynamic, and who really wanted to help me with my dream of becoming a mother. I immediately asked Jennifer to take care of my journey and since then I have never regretted it. She has quickly matched me with an extraordinary surrogate who is extremely caring towards me and this project of parenthood. Jennifer is present at each stage of the process, both with me and with my surrogate. She does everything to make things flow smoothly and when there are issues she manages them right away.

I do not know whether the embryo transfer will work right away or whether the pregnancy will be easy, but I’m serene because whatever happens, I know that I’m well-surrounded thanks to the team of JA Surrogacy Consulting and my wonderful surrogate. I advise anyone who wants to do a surrogacy journey to choose Jennifer and her agency to accompany them.
— Celia, Intended Parent

We started our journey almost 2 years ago. We struggled for a little more than a year before we got in touch with Jennifer in December 2017, and what a beautiful gift it has been! One week after contacting her, we were introduced to our surrogate, M. We’ve felt heard and taken care of, Jennifer is always here for us. She succeeds in making this journey less stressful by giving her entire support. Our surrogate made her first transfer in March 2018 and unfortunately, we had a miscarriage at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Jennifer and Nici were very supportive and our dear surrogate agreed to make an ultimate attempt. We feel confident and hopeful for the new transfer taking place in July. JA Consulting is much more than a surrogacy agency, it is a little village where love is at the center of everything.
— David and Pascal, Intended Parents

JA Surrogacy Consulting gave us everything we could ever wish for in an agency: information, support, help when we needed it, smiles and laughter when it was time to celebrate. Surrogacy is a deeply human journey, and everyone at JA understands just that. Being able to move forward with them didn’t make surrogacy any less of an emotional ride, but walking with trust and honesty certainly made it a whole lot easier.
— Antoine and Lionel, Intended Parents